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8 Easy and Natural Remedies to Treat Hair Loss

8 Easy and Natural Remedies to Treat Hair Loss

Hair loss or hair fall can be due to a number of reasons, namely genetics, excessive use of hair products, improper diet and intake of nutrients necessary for hair growth among others. Hair loss signs are very easy to notice owing to thinning, bald patches, loss in volume being the major indicators.
A normal amount of hair fall on a daily basis is not causing for alarm. Old hair follicles get replaced by new ones in this natural cycle which is barely noticeable. When you start shedding more than what is the natural tendency, hair fall will be a major headache and cause for worry. The roots become weak which causes healthy hair follicles to fall and thus resulting in patterned baldness.
Although there are a number of hair loss remedies in the form of medication, hair oils, growth supplements among others, it is still advisable to opt for a more natural way to curb hair fall.

Here are eight natural ways to tackle hair fall:

Rich diet
One of the causes of hair fall may be because of an improper diet. Lack of essential vitamins and nutrients can cause the roots to grow weak which leads to malnourishment of the hair follicles, thus causing hair fall. Consuming foods which are rich in such vitamins and nutrients will not only help tackle the nourishment problem but also ensure that your scalp stays healthy to support the roots and reduce any inflammation and itching due to dryness among hair loss remedies.

Coconut oil
Found in abundance almost everywhere nowadays, this natural tropical fruit bears essential nutrients that will help in controlling hair loss. Coconut oil is known to preserve the protein in your hair and has antibacterial and antifungal properties which to keep the scalp clean. It also increases blood circulation to provide all the vital nutrients for good hair growth. Coconut oil is inexpensive and proves to be a great choice among various hair loss remedies being a natural and very safe product to use.

Eggs may be an excellent breakfast item, but it also proves to be an effective and versatile product to use when it comes to hair loss remedies. Eggs are rich in keratin which is the main ingredient to promote healthy hair growth and preserve hair follicles. Making an egg hair mask and applying it will help nourish your hair before finally shampooing and conditioning. Another very inexpensive and easily available product which can be incorporated into a number of hair loss remedies.

Cayenne pepper mask
Sounds like a very intensive treatment, but has somewhat proven itself to be a good option while considering hair loss remedies. Lack of blood flow is one of the major reason for hair fall and cayenne pepper is known to stimulate accelerated blood flow along the affected area, thus stimulating good hair growth. However one should make sure that there are no major side effects or allergies of applying said product by first testing it in mild quantities. Consulting with a medical professional is also advised.

Apple cider vinegar
A very versatile product which is used in a number of natural treatments and therapies for other discomforts. One of the major reasons for hair loss is clogged follicles which don’t allow room for healthy hair growth. The essential oils that maintain hair strands cannot nourish them correctly, due to blockage. Rinsing you scalp with apple cider vinegar is one of the hair loss remedies you can opt for to keep your scalp clean and thus unclog those essential pores to promote healthy hair growth in turn.

Onion and garlic
Both are rich in vitamins and minerals that can naturally treat hair loss. Applying a paste made of either garlic or onion might sound very unpleasant to do, but is effective to strengthen your hair thus ensuring a good conditioning at the same time before washing it off.

Rosemary oil
Not a very common product that can be found in your kitchen, but proves to be a very effective option while considering hair loss remedies. Mainly helps in treating scalp problems which are a major trigger of hair fall. Applying rosemary oil to the scalp will take care of dandruff and infections, also help in treating flaky scalp which might cause the roots to be pulled out among other possible hair loss symptoms. This oil can be applied directly acting as a stimulant for healthy hair growth.

Aloe vera
Just like apple cider, aloe vera has natural properties which makes it a very versatile and multipurpose ingredient to be used to treat a number of health problems, be it internal or external. Aloe vera helps clean up sebum which is mainly responsible for blocking healthy hair follicles, stunting hair growth. The best way to use aloe vera is to apply it directly to the affected area to clean and unclog pores, making use of this effective option among other natural hair loss remedies.

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