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Causes, symptoms and instant diarrhea relief measures

Causes, symptoms and instant diarrhea relief measures

Diarrhea, a gastrointestinal issue, causes excessive discharge of the bowels and severe abdomen pain. A person who is suffering from diarrhea experiences abnormal and frequent release of watery stools. Diarrhea should be diagnosed and effectively treated before it gets worse and starts affecting the health of the person adversely. There are many treatments available for curing diarrhea. If you are looking to get instant diarrhea relief, then here are some of the measures that you can resort to. But before we get into these relief measures for diarrhea, let us see the causes and the risk factors of diarrhea.

Causes of diarrhea
Diarrhea is the direct result of the expulsion of infection and other toxins present in the body. Some of the toxins that get released may include bacteria, parasites, allergens and other microbes. One of the main issues of diarrhea is that it can make the person even more dehydrated as there is a continuous loss of water from the body in the form of watery stools. So, if a person is also suffering from diarrhea, he or she tends to become dehydrated which can make them severely ill and very weak. Diarrhea also causes minerals, electrolytes such as sodium to exit the body. Therefore, it is continuously advised that a diarrhea patient must have enough water and fresh fruit juices to keep oneself hydrated.

Some of the main causes of diarrhea have been listed below.

  • Contaminated water: This is one of the main causes of diarrhea. Often, people get sick by drinking water in an unknown place.
  • Food allergy: The body may not accept some of the foods. In such cases, the body tries to release these food products frequently through loose stools which causes diarrhea.
  • Diseases of the intestine: There are a number of intestinal diseases such as the irritable bowel syndrome that may cause frequent diarrhea.

It is extremely crucial to identify the symptoms of diarrhea and treat the disease effectively. Here are some of the common symptoms of diarrhea that one should be aware of.

• Frequent bowel movements

• Loose stools

• Bloating of the stomach, abdominal pain, cramps in the abdomen,

• Vomiting and nausea

• The person suffering from diarrhea also experiences loss of appetite or weight loss

When a person is suffering from diarrhea, he or she does look for instant diarrhea relief. As diarrhea causes bloating of the stomach and also cramps in the abdomen, it leads to severe pain that becomes unbearable. Now let us look at some of the instant diarrhea relief measures that can help you during diarrhea.

There are some conventional treatments for diarrhea. If you do not want to go for medications, then it is best to opt for home remedies as these will not have any side effects.

Most importantly, it is important to stay hydrated. It is also highly recommended that if these instant diarrhea relief home remedies do not work, it is best to consult professional help.

Cinnamon and ginger
Cinnamon ginger tea is popular for treating any type of stomach disorder, be it diarrhea. You can either mix these two ingredients and have it with yogurt or honey or mix them with a cup of boiling water and drink the same. This quick and instant diarrhea relief measure is also suitable for kids.

Turmeric can do wonders!
We know that turmeric is filled with a number of medicinal properties and treating diarrhea is one of them. You can mix turmeric powder with a cup of filtered water and drink. In case you do not like the taste of turmeric with water, then mixing turmeric with honey can be a tasty medicinal option. The second option can be best for kids, as the taste of the former remedy would not be much of a delight to them.

Organic apple cider vinegar
This home remedy can do wonders within 20 minutes and is quite a popular instant diarrhea relief measure. Apple cider vinegar is a viral, bacterial and microbial killer. It also acts well for replenishing the supply of good bacteria in the digestive tract. All-in-all, this helps to treat diarrhea. All you need to do is take 2 to 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with warm, filtered water and drink down an empty stomach. In case you are feeling nauseated, apple cider vinegar also helps to get rid of it.

Follow an elimination diet
If a person has signs of diarrhea, then consultation with the doctor can help you with pinpointing some of the food items that may have triggered diarrhea. This simply means that you should be avoiding those food items and follow an elimination diet. This too helps in treating diarrhea.

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