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Common Types of Useful Male Incontinence Products

Common Types of Useful Male Incontinence Products

A lot of men detest the idea of using incontinence products like adult diapers, catheters, urine bags, and the like. However, if you are suffering from male incontinence, these are the products that will actually save you from embarrassment.

What are male incontinence products?

These products help you avoid accidents and boost your confidence. We’ve listed various types of male incontinence products for your consideration:

Incontinence and absorbent pads

Women are generally more comfortable with pads because they have grown up using them. Most men find the idea of using a pad weird and uncomfortable. However, absorbent pads can be extremely helpful with incontinence in your daily life.

These male incontinence products control leakage, odor and skin irritation. Knowing that you are well protected will also give you a sense of security around others.

There are a lot of absorbent pads available in the market; this can leave you rather confused. The choice of incontinence pads depends upon your symptoms. If you just experience a dribble or irregular leaking, a drip collector pada right choiceoice for you.

The drip collector is a padded sheath that goes around your penis. If you suffer from a mild case of incontinence, a proper pad inserted in the underwear will work right for you. Underwear pads come with an adhesive strip that helps you fasten them to your pants.

If you suffer from a severe case of incontinence, a proper large guard is what you must look for. Absorbent underwear is easily available. Some briefs are disposable, whereas some are washable. You can select male incontinence products according to the extent of your incontinence problem.


Catheters used at the hospitals are entirely different from external catheters used for incontinence. These products are made from latex or silicone, which can be worn on the penis, instead of being forced into it. These can be worn as a roll-on sheath, just like condoms.

The urine goes in the drainage bag from the tube. This device can be used at any time during the day, but most men prefer to use it at night. When you buy the catheter, it is essential to get the correct fit and follow the instructions given by the seller.

Drainage bags

These male incontinence products are plastic bags that you can attach to the catheter. These bags are available in two sizes: large and small. The large bags can be hung near the bed, and you can wear the small bags in your body. The small bags can be strapped to your leg or abdominal area.


These products are waterproof pads or covering sheaths that you can place on your bed or chair to prevent leakage. The under pads give you extra protection, and are a must buy.

Urinals substitutes

The urinal replacement is a handy product that can help when you are unable to visit a washroom. These are basically plastic urinals where men can urinate.

This product is beneficial when you lose bladder control, and the nearest bathroom is too far. You can keep one with you in the car when you are traveling.

Penile clamps

The word might sound painful, but the male incontinence products we are talking about are a major help. Penile clamps are also known as external compression devices. If there is a small pressure exerted on the penis, this device can temporarily close the urethra and prevent any leakage.

The product is not at all uncomfortable; the part you wear on the penis is made of soft foam. This product is not applicable for all incontinence problems, though.

Consult your doctor before you buy it. Using this product often might cause skin irritation and circulation trouble. You can wear this product for a few hours.

Body-worn urinals

The product is usually a disposal bag which collects the urine. These are always better than the sheath or pads that you have to wear. Body-worn urinals are unique devices, in that they are fitted into individual briefs.

Penile retraction device

This is a small bag that covers up the penis and collects the urine. You can drain the bag later. They are designed to be safe and hassle-free.

Where to buy male incontinence products

These products are readily available at all major pharmacies and drugstores. You can also find them at supermarkets. These days, online shopping is easy, safe and hassle-free; you can order your incontinence product online. Talk to your doctor about the extent of your problem.

Decide on a device, and look for it online. Online medical stores and superstores these days sell most of these products.

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