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Find out How You Can Strategically Choose a Rehab Center

Find out How You Can Strategically Choose a Rehab Center

Most people have an assumption that drug rehab centers simply cure addiction problems but that is not entirely true. Today, drug rehab centers not just help you maintain sobriety, but they also ensure that the other aspects of your wellbeing like your physical, mental and emotional health are also taken care of.

Thus, while choosing a drug rehab center, you need to keep in mind the various factors along with the primary treatment that the center offers. Read further to get a quick walkthrough of all the things you must know before you enroll in a drug rehab center.

Types of treatment programs
You must want to keep this in mind that there are various treatment methods and approaches used by rehab centers to treat people with an addiction problem. So, the first step to take while choosing a rehab for yourself is to decide which treatment approach will suit you the best.
Here are three popular treatment programs that you can consider:

  • Residential treatment
    The residential treatment continues to be one of the best programs in the history of addiction treatment. There are two types of residential treatments – short term and long term. While the short-term one typically lasts for about 3-6 weeks followed by an extended outpatient treatment phase, the long-term one consists of 6-12 months of inpatient treatment schedule. The best thing about this type of treatment program is that you will be in a controlled environment where you will be monitored round-the-clock, which means that it is highly likely that you will have a speedy recovery and will be able to prevent a relapse situation.
  • Outpatient treatment
    An outpatient treatment setting might be something you can consider if you feel that your addiction problem is not severe. It is also a great option for someone who has an inevitable social obligation that does not allow him or her to get admitted for a residential program. In this type of program, you will be required to visit the center regularly for your treatment. Group counseling happens to be a major part of the outpatient treatment option.
  • Intensive outpatient setting
    This type of treatment program is ideal for you if you feel that an outpatient treatment setting won’t be sufficient for your recovery, but at the same time, you cannot opt for the residential treatment as you are required to go back home every day. In an intensive outpatient setting, you will receive treatment for the entire day at the rehab center and in the night, you can go back home to your family.

Factors to keep in mind while choosing a drug rehab center
After you have selected the best treatment option for yourself, you should then proceed to focus on other determining factors that will affect your rehab experience and your recovery. Here are some things to pay heed to while hunting for the best drug rehab center:

  • Geographical location
    You need to give serious thought to where you want to get treated because even after your treatment course is over, you might be required to visit the center occasionally. If you want to save your travel time and want to stay close to your family and friends, then choose a local rehab center in your vicinity. However, if you feel that you will recover better if you are far from the people you know or the city you live in, you always have the option of choosing a drug rehab center that is on the outskirts of the city, far away from the chaotic urban setting.
  • Staff experience
    Your recovery not only depends on the treatment you choose but also the doctors who treat you and the nurses and other medical staff who will monitor you during your treatment course. Thus, it is important that you are acquainted with the staff of the organization before you enroll in a drug rehab center. Make sure that you research about the experience of the staff and the reputation of the center. An important thing to check for is a valid license owned by the drug rehab center.
  • Amenities
    Checking the amenities of the drug rehab center is imperative, especially if you are opting for a residential program. Since you will be spending a good amount of time in the center, make sure to check out the amenities and the added facilities that the center offers. You can ask the staff for more information about the amenities on your first visit to the rehab. Some common amenities to look for are meditation and yoga sessions, spa therapy, acupuncture, nutrition programs, art therapy and chiropractic care.
  • Gender-specific
    It is common to hear about people in rehabs getting involved in romantic relationships with other inmates of the center. Many times, you will also learn how these relationships turn nasty and how they tamper with the recovery of the individual. The best way to avoid such complicated situation is by opting for gender-specific centers, where you will find people of the same gender.

Do a comparative study of all the top drug rehab centers you come across and select one that suits your needs best.

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