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Spice up Your Sex Life with the Best Libido Enhancers

Spice up Your Sex Life with the Best Libido Enhancers

Stress can not only play havoc with your sleep and health: it can have an adverse impact on your sex life. There are many reasons couples stay physically apart. If your libido is the issue, though, here are some of the best libido enhancers.

They are explicitly designed to spruce up a sex life that’s flagging because of a libido (sex drive) issue.

Since the age of Cleopatra, aphrodisiacs have been in use, boosting the libido whenever required. These foods were predominantly fruits, individual spices, and physical practices like yoga. The best part is that most of these are entirely natural, and devoid of any side-effects. They can be used by anyone who needs to.

Libido-Enhancing Foods

Include these foods in your diet on a regular basis. These foods have specific compounds that act on your sex hormones and enhance your libido.

Fruits And Herbs

In addition to adding flavor to your bread and giving you smooth skin, avocados can, up your sex drive. They increase male hormone production, increasing male libido. The potassium in avocado regulates the thyroid gland in females, helping enhance their libido as well.

Figs and bananas too, just like avocado, are libido-boosting fruits. Bananas contain testosterone-producing vitamins. The vitamins and minerals contained in both these fruits increase blood flow to the genital area, promoting a healthy sex life.

Herbs like basil, garlic, and Gingko Biloba stimulate the senses, increasing blood flow where it counts, and improving fertility.

Chocolate And Red Wine

Chocolate is a well known sexual pleasure-enhancing food. Eating chocolate induces the production of certain chemicals in the body which has aphrodisiacal and mood-lifting effect.

Getting tipsy on a significant date? You could be preemptively ruining your night! Instead, opt for a glass of red wine instead. It’s good for your heart and libido. Red wine contains polyphenols, a type of antioxidant. This can step up your libido to a new high by helping to increase the blood flow to the vaginal area.

Oysters too are regarded as potent aphrodisiacs.

Set these foods on your dining table, and let them set your bedroom on fire.


Spices are not only flavor enhancers, but libido enhancers as well. That curry that left a lingering taste on your palette can add flavor to your sex life too. The fiery taste of curry generates heat in your body, stimulating the right organs.

Curry, along with cayenne pepper and cumin, boosts blood flow, improving your libido. Cumin is a warm spice that has been used for centuries to enhance libido. Pepper increases blood circulation; adding fiery chili pepper and cayenne pepper to your meal is sure to lead to flares in bed.

If frolic is on your mind, make sure that you add a liberal dash of spices onto your dinner plate.


Exercise is the key to general health, and sexual health as well. Get active and set an exercise routine. Exercise helps improve blood circulation and keeps you fit, which is very necessary to enjoy sexual wellbeing.


Yoga, in particular, can help you channelize your sexual energy. There are specific yoga poses that enhance your libido. These include the lotus pose, shoulder stand, headstand and plow pose.

Keep stress at bay

Stress is man’s worst enemy. Pranayama or breathing exercises help you relax. You will now be able to leave all worry behind and enjoy quality time with your partner. Yoga poses also incorporate pelvic floor exercises that strengthen the sexual organs. Plus, practicing yoga on a regular basis helps you stay limber. This enables you to try out various positions with ease.

Healthy relationship

Getting adequate sleep, and working towards a conflict-free relationship with your partner, are also factors that have a say in your sex life.

Include the above foods and spices in your diet. Get fit, and you’re all set to enjoying a great sex life.

A word of caution; many herbal supplements claim to enhance libido. Since these are not regulated by the FDA (and are not clinically tested), the efficiency of these remains a question mark. Plus, some ingredients in these supplements can lead to dangerous conditions like high blood pressure in people with underlying medical conditions.

When in doubt, it’s best to stick to natural aphrodisiacs or tried-and-tested Viagra.

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